PhenQ vs Phen375 Comparison

PhenQ and Phen375 are over-the-counter weight loss pills that are both well-received by the weight loss community. These brands are proven safe and effective. Both products are popular alternatives to the prescription pill Phentermine. This is an amphetamine-based pill that is very effective but is receiving a lot of complaints due to its dangerous side […]

Shakeology Alternatives

A nutrient-rich meal replacement shake can make a huge difference in your diet and help you achieve your weight loss goals. At UTHFA, we recommend you choose the best meal replacement for you. However, we don’t recommend replacing more than one of your daily meals with a shake. It is crucial to eat full, regular […]

Is a Tropical Smoothie Healthy?

It depends. A tropical smoothie can be delicious and healthy if made right. Here are some tips for making tropical smoothies – the healthy way: Use milk or low-fat yogurt instead of cream. This will help you cut back on calories while still achieving a creamy taste. Try not to add sugar. The fruits you […]

Shakeology Flavors

Shakeology, the meal replacement mix by Beachbody packed with protein and supplements, is available for purchase in 7 different flavors: Bottom Line: Unless you hate chocolate, we suggest you try the Chocolate Shakeology flavor first. It is the best-seller and most taste reviews for this flavor are positive. Alternatively, we suggest getting a sampler package […]

Shakeology Recipes

Shakeology is a meal replacement powder created by Beachbody that will improve health, boost energy, and promote weight loss while nourishing the body with essential vitamins and minerals. The instructions on the label of each Shakeology product recommend blending the mix with ice and a beverage of choice. Although most people would prefer to keep […]

Shakeology Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Shakeology is a meal replacement mix produced by Beachbody that promises to improve health, boost energy levels, reduce food cravings, enhance digestion, and promote weight loss. There are 7 flavors of Shakeology. Here is the ingredient label for a few Shakeology flavors. The Chocolate flavor mix is the best-seller flavor. For a full analysis of […]

Fit in Your Jeans by Friday by Kim Kardashian

This program is no longer available because Kim Kardashian has stopped supporting it. Fit in Your Jeans by Friday was a 3 disc series of workouts led by Kim Kardashian, released in 2009. The 3 DVD pack included: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt Amazing Abs Body Sculpt Butt Blasting Cardio Step   This is the old […]

Top Reasons Why Girls Wear Yoga Pants

Yoga pants, or leggings, have been taking over fashion for the past few years now. What started as a  style specifically for yoga or other forms of exercise soon became the go-to pants for girls in their everyday life, no matter what they are doing. So why do girls and women wear yoga pants? Here […]

Healthy or Not?

Is Chili Healthy? Chili looks greasy and unhealthy, but looks can be deceiving! Meat and beans in chili are great sources of protein. Most chili recipes also include fiber, vitamin C (from peppers and other vegetables), and iron. Chilies can cause your body’s endorphin and serotonin levels to go up, making you happy. The ingredients […]

Common Myths: Are These Foods Fattening?

Is Coffee Fattening? Coffee is NOT fattening. A cup of black coffee contains 0 to 5 calories, no carbohydrates, no fat, and no sugar. In fact, caffeine has been shown to increase metabolism and improve exercise performance, which means it can accelerate weight loss. IMPORTANT: Although coffee itself is not fattening, the cream and sugar […]