Shakeology Flavors

Shakeology, the meal replacement mix by Beachbody packed with protein and supplements, is available for purchase in 7 different flavors:


Shakeology Flavors Comparison

FlavorYear LaunchedTextureTasteWhat Our Users Say
Chocolate Shakeology2009Thicker and smoother than any other flavorRich chocolate tasteTastes like a dark delicious bar. This seems to be the most universal flavor that most people love.
Greenberry Shakeology2009GrainySweetest taste compared to other flavors; earthy and natural tasteThis flavor takes getting used to. You can tell from the smell and taste that it's 'earthly' and natural. Some people love it and some hate it.
Chocolate Vegan Shakeology2010SmoothLight chocolate tasteA great alternative to the Chocolate flavor with a lighter taste
Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology2010GrainyLight tropical fruit tasteThe taste is fruity but the texture is too grainy, which takes away from the flavor.
Vanilla Shakeology2013SmoothLight creamy vanilla tasteTastes like sweet milk, which makes it quite versatile.
Strawberry Shakeology2014SmoothThick and creamy strawberry tasteBitter aftertaste. Best combined with fresh fruits in a blender.
Caffé Latte Shakeology2016SmoothLight coffee tasteIf you like dark coffee, you may want to add coffee; when blended with ice, tastes like a Starbucks Frappuccino

Bottom Line: Unless you hate chocolate, we suggest you try the Chocolate Shakeology flavor first. It is the best-seller and most taste reviews for this flavor are positive. Alternatively, we suggest getting a sampler package from Beachbody that will let you try all the flavors in small quantities.

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Rumor has it that a new flavor will be released in Summer 2017. Check in for updates!

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