Top Home Workout Programs

Getting in shape and staying fit is not easy. It requires time, motivation, and long-term commitment. According to Mayo Clinic, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends that healthy adults include:

  • at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week
  • strength training exercises at least twice per week.

It may be hard to achieve such fitness goals depending on where you work out and how long it takes for you to exercise, including preparation before and after the workout. How many times have you decided to skip a workout because of terrible weather? Or maybe simply because you had no time to travel all the way to the gym for a short workout? A home training program may be your best solution. It is best suited for those who have a busy schedule and would like to squeeze in some exercise without leaving the house. There is no excuse for skipping a home workout.

Here is a list of UTHFA’s top home exercise programs.


Perfect if: You are looking for a low-impact workout

Intensity Level: Low – Moderate

Duration: 10-40 minutes

Focus: Intense, low-impact exercise to improve flexibility, core strengthening, fat loss, and lean muscle growth.


  • Suitable for anyone at any fitness level
  • Low-impact – does not hurt the joints


  • May not burn as many calories as cardio-focused or strength-training programs
  • May lack intensity for some people



Perfect if: You are looking for a challenge

Intensity Level: High

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Focus: High-intensity cardio intervals for most efficient increase in fitness and weight loss


  • Very high-intensity workouts that will have you dripping sweat within minutes
  • No equipment required – your body is your tool


  • Without weights, you may not get the desired ‘sculpted’ look if this is your goal
  • The program lasts 60 days, and may feel repetitive or boring if you continue with it further


Perfect if: You are looking to get ripped

Intensity Level: Moderate – High

Duration: 45-70 minutes

Focus: Strength training


  • P90X is a strength training program, so you will most likely see defined muscle development and sculpting
  • Variety of workouts will keep you motivated and unlikely to get bored


  • Requires equipment, which is a separate investment
  • Workouts are over 1 hour long, 6 days per week, which may be time-consuming for some people

10 Minute Trainer

Perfect if: You are a beginner with a tight schedule


Intensity Level: Low to Moderate

Duration: 10 minutes

Focus: Fat-burning cardio combined with total body and abs sculpting.


  • Short workouts that can easily fit your schedule
  • Programs are versatile, allowing you to change the combinations and intensities of workouts as needed


  • Designed for beginners and may lack intensity for novice athletes
  • Restrictive nutritional plan included in the program, not recommended by physicians and nutritionists



Perfect if: You are a woman looking for a dance-based program

Intensity Level: Moderate

Duration: 30 minutes

Focus: High-intensity interval training workouts and cardio conditioning




  • Workouts have upbeat tunes and are fun to do, which will keep you motivated to continue
  • No equipment required


  • There is no strength training in this program, so it will not help you build muscle or gain mass.
  • Not fit for those who do not enjoy dancing or choreography.

Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton

Perfect if: You are a woman looking for a yoga program

Intensity Level: Low, Moderate, or High (whatever you choose!)

Duration: 45 minutes

Focus: Dynamic sequencing to push your body forward with each yoga workout.

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