Is a Tropical Smoothie Healthy?

It depends. A tropical smoothie can be delicious and healthy if made right.

Here are some tips for making tropical smoothies – the healthy way:

  • healthy-shakesUse milk or low-fat yogurt instead of cream. This will help you cut back on calories while still achieving a creamy taste.
  • Try not to add sugar. The fruits you use should make the shake sweet enough. If you really want to make your smoothie sweeter, consider Stevia, a natural sweetener.
  • Consider adding a supplement or protein powder. This will help you get your daily recommended dose of essential vitamins and minerals (which your body does not make and you can only obtain from your diet). We also suggest adding a source of protein to your smoothie, such as peanut butter or protein powder. This can also help reduce cravings and promote muscle growth. To read more about Shakeology, one of the best-selling supplement and protein powders in the USA in the past few years, click here.
  • Add some vegetables to your smoothie. I know that you wanted to make a tropical smoothie and you’re probably not considering vegetables there. However, you may be surprised to learn that if you add a bit of veggie, it will not be obvious in the taste. We suggest a bit of kale – one of the superfoods that can boost your smoothie and your health. To learn more about superfoods, click here.
  • Everything in moderation. We don’t recommend drinking more than one tropical smoothie per day. Although fruits are generally good for you, they are high in sugars and you should not eat more than 2-3 servings of fruit per day. Having one tropical smoothie every day (made according to the instructions above) can be healthy, but limit consumption to one-per-day only.

Bottom Line: Yes, tropical smoothies can be healthy if you consider the ingredients that are in the shake. If made according to the instructions above, having a tropical smoothie once per day can boost your health, improve immunity, and promote muscle growth and weight loss. For recipe ideas, click here.


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