The Utah Health and Fitness Association (UTHFA) is a group of professionals in the state of Utah on a mission to inspire the world to set and reach health and fitness goals. We focus on exercise, diet, nutrition, and meditation.

street-view-uthfaWe are a public non-profit organization aiming to improve education and health prevention. Promoting healthy habits, knowledge of health sciences and research are the three pillars of this entity, with the ultimate challenge of contributing to the decrease in the incidence of the most common diseases in today’s society. As a team of medical professionals and researchers, we promote and develop innovative projects to spread knowledge of the health sciences, educate the general population and optimize the use of available resources. We serve as a community network for men and women aged 19-75 years looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Utah Health and Fitness Association is an entity authorized by the Directorate General of Law and Legal Entities by registration number 46804 dated December 23, 2012.

This entity, which regulates its activities in accordance with the provisions of Law 4/2008 of 24 April, of the Civil Code of Utah (website); and Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, aims to:

  • Promote the sharing of knowledge among the public
  • Organization of seminars, publications and research focused on the health sciences.
  • Publicize and promote healthy lifestyles

????????????????????????????????????Our professionals enjoy a career in the medical, health, technology, and research areas and management. This feature makes us a multidisciplinary and specialized group that responds to the needs of different social groups. We are experienced in contributing to the professional excellence of sharing, training and spreading medical knowledge among the population and thus improving the quality of life for people.

The main objectives of the UTHFA are to promote improvement in the management of health through actions in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, health technology and information and communication industries. For more information, read our mission.